There are two categories of members in VASFAA, active and associate. Membership is by institution.

Vermont Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

"To promote the professional preparation, effectiveness, recognition, cooperation and association of our members to facilitate education, communication and cooperation among educational institutions and other organizations concerned with the support and administration of student financial aid."

Welcome from our President

VASFAA is a voice for Financial Aid Professionals in Vermont.  A local resource where members can collaborate and network, and find training opportunities to help students and their families navigate the ever-changing world of financial aid.

My name is Melaney Wald.  I am the Interim President of VASFAA. I’ve served on the Executive Committee for the past two years as VASFAA’s Secretary.  This June, I transitioned to the Interim President role at our summer conference.  

I started my position at Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) 19 years ago as a way to earn a paycheck at a family-friendly company and it’s turned into a passion and a career I'm proud of. 

As a School Services Representative at VSAC, I’m in a unique situation of also being an associate member of EASFAA.  Associate members are not eligible to be their state’s voting member on EASFAA Council. Thankfully our good and very knowledgeable friend, Ryan Dulude from Community College of Vermont (CCV), is representing Vermont on EASFAA Council.  Ryan and I have worked together for years, starting first at VSAC, then continuing as he transitioned to his position at CCV.  We have a strong, motivated team working with us on the VASFAA Executive Committee. We’re excited to move VASFAA forward in a positive direction with:

  • Treasurer-Laurie Fay, University of Vermont (UVM)
  • Secretary-Lisa Cummings, Saint Michael’s College
  • Treasurer Elect-Martha Hinchman, UVM

I’m here to be our Vermont voice for the next year, with Ryan, Laurie, Lisa, and Martha by my side.

I’m confident this year is going to be a turning point for VASFAA.  


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